Thursday, May 31, 2007

Winning is a beautiful thing...

Poor Yankee Fans... New York sucks as much as Tampa Bay!!!!!!

And yes... I do know that I'm calling down the thunder.

The month of May!

On Bill's birthday morning (April 30th for those of you playing along at home) - we went to the Children's Museum in Providence, RI (for those of you googling). Liam had such a fun time! We were the only people there for the first 30 minutes, so Liam got to go nuts and run around like an insane person.

I've also got pictures from the Roger Williams Park Zoo, where we went last Friday (5/25) - Liam got to see elephants and gibbons and camels - it was so fun!

So in no particular order, here are some photos for your enjoyment:

Liam looking at the fishies at the Children's Museum.

The Littlest Jedi Master on Memorial Day
Liam seems unimpressed with the elephants, but he was pretty into it, trust me!
On the slide in the Children's Museum

Pretending to be a ship's captain in the Children's Museum

Running wildly through the Children's Museum

Hanging out - eatin' some Cracklin Oat Bran - watchin' some Elmo's Potty Time

The human kaleidescope!

Liam & Emma at Bill's birthday party

Proof of gravity at the Children's Museum

Reading an Elmo book on his 23rd month birthday