Saturday, December 22, 2007

Since Lily was in the Christmas spirit - I thought I'd share Liam in the Moz spirit...

Sorry for the quality - apparently we live in a cave... Enjoy...

And yes - he dances like this whenever he hears this song... in the car, on the couch, decorating the tree... Anytime. :)

I love my tiny little Moz.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome Fall!

I'm so psyched that fall is well on its way!! Today it never got above 68 degrees - and even though it rained most of the day, I'm okay with that!! 68 degrees RULES!

So since the only reason people come to this blog is to see new pics of Liam - I must provide:

Cocking his head - I love this picture. He looks very thoughtful. This was probably during one of his "DANCES" - he loves music. We play Barenaked Ladies & Weezer for him and he shakes his bum.

Getting ready to go in the "bathtub" - our pool in the backyard. He loves it! And we do too - nice and refreshing for the whole family!

Bad Ass Biker

My little swing kid.

And now - since reading my husband's blog actually got me to post a new blog - I must embed my own Weezer video - Matt Sharp is really cute here - very emo.

Love you all!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

The next step in adulthood...

Check out my husband's blog for pictures of our new house!! Yeah soul-crushing debt! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The 2nd Birthday!

Liam celebrated his second birthday in style on June 16th. He had Elmo balloons and daddy decorated the living room for him, while he napped. It was very exciting. He got to play with his friends Emma, Nicholas, Lindsey, Lucas & Connor and got to look at baby Gewel!! He got lots of great gifts, too! Here are some photos for your enjoyment!!

Unsure about the balloon...

The sheer excitement of balloons!

Liam eating cake!
Liam opening presents with mommy!
Liam loves WRAPPING PAPER!!!
The morning after - let's relax with some crackers and juice! Go Sox!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Winning is a beautiful thing...

Poor Yankee Fans... New York sucks as much as Tampa Bay!!!!!!

And yes... I do know that I'm calling down the thunder.

The month of May!

On Bill's birthday morning (April 30th for those of you playing along at home) - we went to the Children's Museum in Providence, RI (for those of you googling). Liam had such a fun time! We were the only people there for the first 30 minutes, so Liam got to go nuts and run around like an insane person.

I've also got pictures from the Roger Williams Park Zoo, where we went last Friday (5/25) - Liam got to see elephants and gibbons and camels - it was so fun!

So in no particular order, here are some photos for your enjoyment:

Liam looking at the fishies at the Children's Museum.

The Littlest Jedi Master on Memorial Day
Liam seems unimpressed with the elephants, but he was pretty into it, trust me!
On the slide in the Children's Museum

Pretending to be a ship's captain in the Children's Museum

Running wildly through the Children's Museum

Hanging out - eatin' some Cracklin Oat Bran - watchin' some Elmo's Potty Time

The human kaleidescope!

Liam & Emma at Bill's birthday party

Proof of gravity at the Children's Museum

Reading an Elmo book on his 23rd month birthday

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Laurie Berkner & The Wickford Walk

So last weekend, we all went to see Laurie Berkner in Boston. A little background:

Liam loves Laurie Berkner. If you haven't heard her music and you have a child under the age of six, you are a bad parent. She rules! She's on Jack's Big Music Show all the time now and she's super bouncy and fun. Liam loves Laurie Berkner. She has an effect not unlike baby heroin. He will sit and stare at the TV for upwards of 20 minutes when she is on screen. So needless to say, I had to buy the tickets for him.

BUT! He got a cold on Thursday, and then Bill got a cold on Friday and I got a cold on Friday night, so Saturday morning was pretty miserable, not to mention BOSTON GOT COLD on Saturday... See... I'm clever.

But we walked around Boston for a few hours before the show. They wouldn't let us take flash photography, so my pictures looked like they were taken in a coal mine - so I've updated them with the help of PICASA (woo!). But they're still pretty bad...

Then this morning, since it was actually SUNNY and not in the 30s, we decided to go for a walk in Wickford and be tourists in our own neighborhood.

We had a fun time exploring houses that were built before this was even called AMERICA. It's so awesome. Now Bill and I are going to be looking at a few houses this afternoon - should be interesting!! House hunting is NOT FUN in RI, since with our combined salary we can basically afford a shack, but we'll make the shack look nice! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sorry, I'm a lax mom

So, rather than going into this long spiel, which ends up inevitably making me want to not post a blog, I'll just post a bunch of photos and give you some insight into Liam's current life that way!!

This picture is from this morning - Liam took to having the laundry basket be put on his head and trying to wander around our bedroom. I think he's going to be a spaceman!!

Liam LOVES to brush his teeth, now that we've given him his own tooth brush. So this is mommy & Liam being silly before bed, while Liam brushes his teeth.

Liam also enjoys taking all of the books off of our bookshelf and handing them to us one by one - here he hands me a Penguin 60 Classic!

Don't let that smile fool you - he's a devil in disguise!! Just kidding!

Grandma Grandma got Liam his very own couch, so he likes to occasionally RELAX on it.

Here, Liam wears Daddy's pass from the New York Comic Con. I thought it was going to become Liam's "tie."

Liam watching "The Muppet Movie" on his couch.

Liam with his crazy hair after a bath.

Liam being cute, drinking his milk!!

What a cutie pie!!

Sorry for the lax posting... You know - we're busy! But at least you can see Liam before he turns two! :) Hopefully I can get back in the swing of actually posting pictures sooner rather than later - but at least you do get to see how darned cute Liam is!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Liam is 19.5 months old!

And now you can tell that it's just not as amazing when he learns how to do things, even though they SHOULD be even more amazing now... But oh well.

Liam has learned how to say SEVERAL words, including "show" (for Jack's Big Music Show), "toes," "snow," "door," "up," "down," "bye bye," "car," "go," and "cold!" He says a lot of other things too, but I just can't think of them at the moment. He loves to watch "The Muppet Movie" and when we watched it on Sunday night, and I paused it right before the gang meets Gonzo, Liam went up to the TV and started going "bock, bock, bock." FOR THE CHICKEN! He's a genius! The next TV geek, I'm telling ya!!

Enjoy some photos!

This is officially the most recent picture - since I took it about an hour ago! He was running back to the couch to watch his Rachael (which he did say once!) and eat some cheese!

Liam now has a fondness for markers - we got him the kind that only write on certain paper, so that we can eventually move out of our house without having to pay full price for it.

Liam in his natural habitat (and anyone who said, "a Studebaker" - you get extra points) - but no... Playing with his legos and eating a sandwich.

Liam's new fun game is to take the letters from the puzzle Aunt Kathy got him and put them in the drawer of the hutch one by one. He enjoys it immensely!

AND NOW! WITHOUT FURTHER ADO - Liam's myspace photos, should he get a myspace account at the age of 20 months! I think the second one is more emo, but he looks so much like Bill in the first one!!