Saturday, September 23, 2006

King Richard's Faire

BEHOLD! King Liam of the Og! He will destroy you! Hazzah!
Well, as you can tell, we made our yearly pilgrimage to King Richard's Faire. Liam is now doing the walking while holding your hand thing, which is incredibly adorable. When Jill went to go get her photo taken in shackles, we held Og for her. Liam was enthralled with Og and wanted to walk with him all by himself. He's such a big boy! And he only fell on his face once!
We were going at lightning fast speeds of 1 to 2 MPH.
Please notice the man with the horns behind Bill. He was truly excited to be in the photo.

We met some very nice beer wenches at the Faire. Liam made friends with them, not even wanting to leave, after we took the photo. But just notice his eyes - what a boy!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Swingin' Liam

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Liam Auf Deutsch

Mommy & Daddy & Liam went to the park on Labor Day night to celebrate the end of summer. Boo bad work hours for Bill. Boo lost sunshine. Yeah fall weather!! Jeans!!!

My aunt bought Liam a cool shirt and sweatshirt from the Germany World Cup soccer thingy. It looks so cute on him, I had to take a picture! You can even kind of see his snazzy new sneaks!