Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Liam is 19.5 months old!

And now you can tell that it's just not as amazing when he learns how to do things, even though they SHOULD be even more amazing now... But oh well.

Liam has learned how to say SEVERAL words, including "show" (for Jack's Big Music Show), "toes," "snow," "door," "up," "down," "bye bye," "car," "go," and "cold!" He says a lot of other things too, but I just can't think of them at the moment. He loves to watch "The Muppet Movie" and when we watched it on Sunday night, and I paused it right before the gang meets Gonzo, Liam went up to the TV and started going "bock, bock, bock." FOR THE CHICKEN! He's a genius! The next TV geek, I'm telling ya!!

Enjoy some photos!

This is officially the most recent picture - since I took it about an hour ago! He was running back to the couch to watch his Rachael (which he did say once!) and eat some cheese!

Liam now has a fondness for markers - we got him the kind that only write on certain paper, so that we can eventually move out of our house without having to pay full price for it.

Liam in his natural habitat (and anyone who said, "a Studebaker" - you get extra points) - but no... Playing with his legos and eating a sandwich.

Liam's new fun game is to take the letters from the puzzle Aunt Kathy got him and put them in the drawer of the hutch one by one. He enjoys it immensely!

AND NOW! WITHOUT FURTHER ADO - Liam's myspace photos, should he get a myspace account at the age of 20 months! I think the second one is more emo, but he looks so much like Bill in the first one!!