Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving - The Video

Or check it out on Jumpcut!

Happy Thanksgiving!

First things first - Happy 17 month birthday to Liam (11/16)! You will see him in his PJs first thing in the morning on his day! Doesn't he look like Connor???

Then I needed to include his new favorite hobby, which is to put blankie on his head and walk around like Sheik Abudahbi. But cute.

FINALLY - Here are the Thanksgiving Pictures!

Mom, resting after a VERY long Thanksgiving Day at Grandma & Grandpa's!

CUTE Lindsey picture! But what other kind are there???

The Doughty Clan, courtesy of Donna. I'm torn between using this picture or a picture a little further down for our Christmas card. I'll have to see how they print out.

The Bouthiette Family!

Lucas & Liam playing with a fire truck.

Lucas is such a little Carl!

Liam & Papa.

The other potential Christmas Card photo op. He looks like such a little BOY here!!

I'll be posting a video of Lindsey entertaining Liam a little later, once it finishes uploading. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble!!