Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sorry, I'm a lax mom

So, rather than going into this long spiel, which ends up inevitably making me want to not post a blog, I'll just post a bunch of photos and give you some insight into Liam's current life that way!!

This picture is from this morning - Liam took to having the laundry basket be put on his head and trying to wander around our bedroom. I think he's going to be a spaceman!!

Liam LOVES to brush his teeth, now that we've given him his own tooth brush. So this is mommy & Liam being silly before bed, while Liam brushes his teeth.

Liam also enjoys taking all of the books off of our bookshelf and handing them to us one by one - here he hands me a Penguin 60 Classic!

Don't let that smile fool you - he's a devil in disguise!! Just kidding!

Grandma Grandma got Liam his very own couch, so he likes to occasionally RELAX on it.

Here, Liam wears Daddy's pass from the New York Comic Con. I thought it was going to become Liam's "tie."

Liam watching "The Muppet Movie" on his couch.

Liam with his crazy hair after a bath.

Liam being cute, drinking his milk!!

What a cutie pie!!

Sorry for the lax posting... You know - we're busy! But at least you can see Liam before he turns two! :) Hopefully I can get back in the swing of actually posting pictures sooner rather than later - but at least you do get to see how darned cute Liam is!!