Monday, October 23, 2006

For Aunt Kathy

We went to Grandma's house yesterday and Rose brought Lindsey and Lucas, so Liam got to play with his cousins. They did really well - no broken bones or anything! Here's some highlights!
Liam & Mommy. Lindsey took this picture. Liam hadn't taken his afternoon nap!
Liam loves opening and closing doors. He takes so much pleasure from the simple act, it's hard to stop him!
Lindsey & Lucas!
The kids! When I said that I was going to take a picture, Lucas immediately raised both of his arms over his head and held them until I actually took the picture. It looks like Donna has two hams!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Better Late Than Never

My take on this season’s fall lineup – these are the actual shows that I TIVO (well, DVR, but let’s not get into semantics):


The Amazing Race – LOVE IT! But I always do. I have a begrudging respect and sense of adoration for the Kansas coalminers with the really bad teeth. They’re amusing, with their complete and total lack of worldliness! And Phil’s a hottie – though I’m upset that he’s losing his accent.


How I Met Your Mother – This show is still good, but not as great as last season. I don’t really care that Lily and Marshall broke up – I just want Barney to say something stupid. It’s a really great late-20s show. However, I truly believe that if you are not in your late 20s, you won’t be able to relate to it and the amusement of two guys going to an Alanis Morrisette concert.

The Class – BALEETED FROM TIVO! This show sucks. BORING!

Heroes – I’m in the midst of liking it. Like my husband, I wish that they would have more Hiro and less wide open brains. And who knew? Ali Larter can actually act!!

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – I love this show. Considering that I wasn’t even going to watch it, but did on a lark since Bill wanted to, I’m hugely impressed. I hate Harriet – she’s ugly and boring and too conservative, but that’s okay. And I’m not “in love” with any of the characters, but the writing is just so good. I truly recommend it.


Gilmore Girls – Unlike Annie, I’m not in love with this show. However, I continue to watch it, because I have since season one. My DVR decided to casually forget to start taping the first episode (we’ve had words since), so I never really found out what happened with Loralei and Christopher and Luke. I actually like Logan as a character and wish that we could see more of him (emotionally and physically!!) and I’m interested in the pregnancy aspect with Lane.

Bones – I LOVE THIS SHOW. David Boreanz is a sexy mofo. And the sexual tension between him and Bones is so wonderful. As I stated to my husband, I don’t care who he has sex with, as long as he’s getting some!


America’s Next Top Model – Or as I refer to it, crack. I’m addicted to the drama on this show. Tyra Banks seems so incredibly fake in her sincerity and the girls are just mindless drones. It’s wonderful. But I am sad that they kicked off the cute girl with the short hair so early. She was my Kim for this season!!

Lost – I keep telling myself to stop watching. I can literally go weeks without tuning into an episode that I have on my DVR, but for some reason, I won’t delete the show from my record listing. If they don’t explain what the frig is going on pretty soon, I plan on boycotting. Are you with me???

CSI: NY – Not as good as it’s big papa CSI, but not as drunk as Uncle CSI:Miami. I like the budding romance between the girl and the guy with the glasses who talks about “blue fibahs.” Gary Sinise is really good as the new Grissom, but still no Grissom. And there’s no real tension between any of the characters, so it can be kind of boring. It’s like they’re on a set or something. J

Project Runway – RIP. I am really happy that Jeffrey won. He was an ass, but he is REALLY talented. Though not as much as the first season guy, Jay. Some of the clothes that he made, I would actually want to wear – the first season guy, Jay, I mean – and that’s saying something, considering that I have absolutely no fashion sense.


Survivor – Again, bored. I liked the idea that they were dividing by races and it’s going along just as I thought – the whites and Asians remaining in power. It’s like a really bad joke.

CSI – I love this show, but I hate Marg Helgenberger. Her character is so one-sided. And her name is Marg. Boo. I want them to give George Eeds more face time! He’s sexy too!

Grey’s Anatomy – This show is really losing me as a viewer. It’s killing me that doctors can be SO DUMB. The main chick, she needs to be put into rehab for her sexual proclivity and need to drown her sorrows in alcohol. I’m glad that none of these people will ever get near me with a scalpel.

Real World Road Rules Challenge – I still think I’m 15. And this has the same appeal as ANTM. Really dumb people, doing really stupid things for money. As my husband says – GET A JOB!


Doctor Who – Bill got me to watch this by some form of voodoo magic. I was madly in love with Christopher Eccelston, though I think that the chick who plays Rose is unbelievably annoying. Then they went and “killed off” that doctor and regenerated into the new doctor. I was not really feeling him, but then he put on his glasses. Now I’m okay with the show.

Numbers – Again, this is just a show to watch. Not in love. Could stop if I wanted to. It’s really just something to watch on Sunday when Liam is napping.

So far – so eh this season. Besides my existing LOVE for CSI, the Amazing Race and Bones, nothing much has piqued my interest, except Studio 60 and I hear that’s not doing too well in the ratings. The OC starts soon, which will be fun (hopefully now that bitchface is dead) and 24 will be on before you know it. Excitement!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hop on the Pumpkin Express!

We went to Schartner Farms in NK on Saturday to pick pumpkins. We got to go in a corn maze and play in fun cut outs and then look around at all the pumpkins. It was a beautiful day. Liam took one header into a picnic table, but other than that, all was fine and good. We got to eat fresh red fries, which were super yummy!

The fam in the Schartner Farms cut out.
Li the bee is the man. The WALKIN' man!
Li wasn't terribly impressed with the corn maze, but did love thrashing himself around when he was on our shoulders.
Li & the daddy. Ahh - Love before the glasses come flying off!
Li & a pumpkin.
The fam on the hayride over to the pumpkin patch.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Apple Picking - The Video!

Check me out at Jumpcut!

Apple Picking!

Bill, Jill, Liam & I went apple picking at Hill Orchard yesterday. It was so much fun! Liam was walking all over the place with Bill. We were picking and eating apples. We got to go on a hayride with two horses that were really pushy and each wanted their own way. And we've got enough apples to make 2 or 3 pies. Wonderful times!!

Yummy, ripe apples! See, I do go outdoors occasionally AND I even make Liam eat healthy things, sometimes. :)
Liam felt that it was much more fun taking apples out of the basket, rather than putting them in.
Liam walking with Daddy. As you can see, he is gangsta, with his one pant leg pushed up and the other down.
The nicest family picture so far. Thank you Jilly!!!