Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Liam Stands Tall

This is our Gangsta Liam, who comes with a Timberland outfit and Cubbies hat, stylishly cocked to one side.

Liam is planning on becoming the Lord of the Dance!
What can I say? He's got a groove! And look at him standing all by himself!!!

This is Bill's artsy photo (though I do love it!!). Liam LOVES to play with his Animal Farm!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Here are some new pictures of Liam from this weekend. It turned out that Bill magically went from having a two-day weekend, to a cool three-day weekend, to a faboo four-day weekend, so we were able to spend 3 1/2 days together as a family! We went for a walk in Wickford, we had a cookout with friends and went to the Mystic Aquarium! I'm not going to post all of the pictures here, but you can link to them here: DOUGHTYLAND FLICKR ACCOUNT!

Check them out and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New-ish Picture of Liam

OR MAYBE NOT! Damned Blogger isn't allowing me to post any pictures. Jerks!

We're finally having baby day this weekend, so I'll try to remember my camera and take lots of new pictures of the Li.

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Chicago Land Busy People Band!

I'm still too tired from our weekend jaunt to Chicago to go into much detail, thankfully my husband is verbose.

Yes - I am a bad mom. I haven't posted any new picture of the Li in a while. But I actually haven't taken many photos lately, either. So I guess that just makes me even worse of a mom. Oh well. Li Li (as I've taken to calling him) is getting bigger and bigger every day, except for Thursday, in which he lost a great deal of intestinal (sp???) girth, when he threw up 6 times in 30 minutes. But then he was fine. It was weird. The doctor thinks it was a bug, but he literally was FINE not two hours after the ordeal. Eating saltines (a new food LOVE for Liam) and drinking some Pedialyte. It's weird. He still isn't walking on his own, but he'll stand up and hover, until he realizes that he's not holding on to anything, when he promptly falls on his bottom. He's cute.

Hubby has posted some new photos from our Chicago trip this weekend on our Flickr account. You can check them out there.

Chicago was fun, but tiring. I can barely keep my eyes open as it is, let alone with less than six hours of sleep on Saturday night. And United can kiss my bottom - what with our unplanned 4 1/2 hour delay in PVD. Who wants to sit in TF Green for 5 - 6 hours??? There's literally NOTHING to do. Except read. Which is what I did. I started and finished "Idiot Girl's Adventure Guide" in about 5 hours. I laughed my ass off throughout the entire book - thank you Annie! You thought three and a half years into the future to purchase this book for my bridal shower, knowing that I would need something to cheer me up during my delay. You're a sage.

I also finished "The Drowning Tree" last week and am starting "jPod." Not 100% into it yet (and it's hardcover, the mark of the devil), so I haven't really gotten very far. So now I've read about 234095872082 books in two or so months. Or really - 5 or 6.

Let's see:

The Girls Guide to Hunting & Fishing
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
Magical Thinking
The Devil Wears Prada
The Drowning Tree
Idiot Girls Adventure Guide

So 6. In about 2 months... Not too bad for a mommy!

So then I could technically read 18 - 20 books over a six month period. Yeah, literacy!

Anyway - I'll post some pictures later.

Bad mommy!